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ZEBREX Soc Med Image9.27.18

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) and ICM are collaborating to provide “ZEBREXTM” to the fuel ethanol industry in the United States. 

This cooperation combines MCC’s proven ZEBREX™ membrane product with established production in Japan with ICM’s ability to integrate and engineer new technologies into the ethanol industry


ZEBREX™ is a cutting-edge zeolite membrane dehydration process. Ethanol and water are separated by the precise selectivity of the zeolite to produce 99.8% purity ethanol and recycle water in a single pass.

ZEBREX™ improves production capacity and reduces energy costs through the use of proven state-of-the-art zeolite membrane dehydration technology.


ZEBREX Diagram

What ZEBREX™ can do?

  • Add incremental drying to the process
  • Completely replace mole sieve technology
  • Dry the regen instead of recycling back to the rectifier
  • Dry ethanol to EU or other specification.
  • Reduce the energy used in an ethanol process


ZEBREX™ is a trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.